Beeple Teases Goat-Related Airdrop Raffle for Holders

Beeple Teases Goat-Related Airdrop Raffle for Holders

Beeple tweeted about an "upcoming goat-related airdrop raffle" for Beeple holders, with a snapshot coming on Thursday.

The Details

  • In order to participate in an upcoming goat-related airdrop raffle, holders will need their Beeple NFT in a non-custodial wallet ("aka not Niftygateway").
  • The snapshot will be taken at 12 p.m. EST on Thursday.
  • Beeple cautions safety, and a wallet connection won't be needed as it's an airdrop.

❗ Why It Matters

What the goat-related airdrop will be or how the raffle mechanism will work are both unclear, as Beeple was cryptic in typical Beeple fashion. But everybody loves an airdrop 🪂, so holders of Beeple's works should be excited for a potential gift.

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