Bitcoin Bear Cubs To Launch on Magic Eden Ordinals Launchpad

Bitcoin Bear Cubs To Launch on Magic Eden Ordinals Launchpad

Bitcoin Bears announced that Bitcoin Bear Cubs will partner with Magic Eden to be the first 10k collection to launch on @MEonBTC Ordinals Launchpad.

The Deets

  • Bitcoin Bear Cubs are the next generation after the sub-10k Bitcoin Bears, with a supply of 10,000 cubs all under 1 million inscriptions.
  • The initial 100 Bitcoin Bears (Gen 1) are inscribed between #5563 and #5690 and are listed on Magic Eden's marketplace.
  • WL will be given in the Bitcoin Bears Discord (which is currently closed) with raffles, games, and events.
  • Bitcoin Bears has been giving whitelist allocations to different Ordinals communities on Twitter.
  • Launch details are coming soon.

❗ Why It Matters

Magic Eden was the first major marketplace on Bitcoin when it debuted in March, and by April it had introduced the Bitcoin Launchpad, which gives creators an easy way to get started and launch Ordinals directly.

The upcoming release of Bitcoin Bear Cubs on Magic Eden represents the first major BTC collection to launch at scale with ME Launchpad.

📊 By the Numbers

The Activity log for the Gen 1 Bitcoin Bears collection on Magic Eden shows that there have been seven different sales in the past week in the 0.24–0.29 BTC range for the original Bitcoin Bears within the first 5,700 inscriptions.

🎬 Take Action

Those interested can follow @BitcoinBearsOrd for updates about the upcoming launch and visit the website at for more details.

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