Blur Airdrop 2, Bids Now Live

Blur Airdrop 2, Bids Now Live

NFT Marketplace Blur's second airdrop is now live to claim, the platform announced on Monday night

Users are able to claim rewards by placing a bid, a new feature launched 'in celebration of Airdrop 2'. Bids on the platform are made in ETH (as opposed to WETH), and are free to place and cancel. They also come with Stolen NFT Protection, which stops flagged items from being sold into a user's bid, the thread detailed.

Airdrop 2 is available to claim for 14 days, and was calculated based on the number of listings a user made on the platform, with bonuses for honored royalties and sweeps. 

The platform's token will be launching in January, with the community "the majority of $BLUR" according to the thread

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