$BLUR Claim Live...But Not For US Citizens?

$BLUR Claim Live...But Not For US Citizens?

$BLUR is now live, per a tweet from the official Blur account (@blur_io). However, it should be noted that traders must certify that they are not a US person prior to actually claiming.

🧐 Wait, What?

Yes, US citizens eligible for the $BLUR airdrop were met with the unwelcome news that "Airdrop.Blur.Foundation Is Not Available In Your Location."

Some have noted they could work around it with a VPN, but the necesssity to certify that you are not a US person creates potential tax liability implications. Please investigate any workaround solutions at your own risk.

❗ Why It Matters

The $BLUR airdrop has been viewed as a potential stimulus injection, in the same vein as the $ENS and $SOS airdrops from late 2021. So the inability to claim $BLUR in the US - without a workaround - will surely create a snag in what was a widely anticipated airdrop/claim.

Nearly 150,000 users have traded $1.2 billion dollars worth of NFTs on Blur (these figures exclude wash trading, according to Blur), and it will be interesting going forward to see if the platform can continue to build on its 46% market share.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Blur users have 60 days to reveal and claim.

🔜 What’s Next?

Season 2 begins, and all bidding and listing points are doubled for the next 30 days until 3/14.

Blur also noted you can get a head start on Season 2 rewards by quote tweeting this thread and sharing why you're excited about the Blur protocol. 

Additionally, @Zeneca has stepped up to become a director of the Blur Foundation, along with @PacmanBlur.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Quotes

Did $BLUR mislead customers by never stating you would not be able to claim if you were based in the US, while encouraging trading on their platform for rewards?camol

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