Blur Clarifies Airdrop 3 Mechanics

Blur Clarifies Airdrop 3 Mechanics

The Blur marketplace has provided an update on how its Airdrop 3 will be calculated, via Twitter this afternoon.

They also shared that Airdrop 2 rewards will be recalculated and shared by next week, and impacted users do not need to act until then.

Regarding Airdrop 3, the TLDR is that the best strategy per their guidance is to bid on top volume collections, as close to the floor as possible, for the longest time possible.

There is no advantage for accepted bids, or for accepting bids. In fact, getting bids accepted is detrimental to a user trying to optimize for rewards (which leads active farmers to bid, cancel their bids, and repeat). The team confirmed there is no additional benefit for traders based on volume.

The Blur team also published a more detailed post on mirror outlining Airdrop 3. They confirmed it will be the largest of the three airdrops and shared the exact formula (some fairly advanced calculus).

They also noted that loyalty does not impact the volume of packages received in the airdrop, but it does impact their rarity. So traders are incentivized to list on Blur over other marketplaces and to list at similar or more competitive prices. Listing NFTs at cheaper prices on other exchanges hurts one's luck score.

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