Blur Marketplace Launches With Airdrop

Blur Marketplace Launches With Airdrop

Blur is launching its marketplace today and is celebrating by airdropping "Care Packages containing $BLUR tokens to everyone who’s stuck around in the bear market," the team shared from its Twitter account this afternoon.

In the now pinned thread, the team expands on its mission, background, and vision to become the "NFT marketplace for pro traders." Their core focus is on speed and being the fastest trading platform. To that end, the Blur marketplace is a "realtime marketplace and aggregator combined," which facilitates sweeping, listing across marketplaces, sniping listings, and portfolio management.

The marketplace has been in private beta testing for the past four months and claims that its aggregator already has the 2nd highest volume in the NFT space.

Their team boasts a "who's who" list of NFT personalities and leaders as investors, headlined by Paradigm, Punk6529, Cozomo Medici, Zeneca, OSF, DeezeFi, and more, and boasting experience "across MIT, Citadel, Brex, Square, YC."

Traders will have 14 days to claim the airdrop Care Packages, which appear to be in three tiers: Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.

The team is offering up 100 Care Packages for 10 followers who quote tweet their thread and share why they're excited, and those with Blur points from participating in beta will have a separate aidrop coming in January when $BLUR officially launches.

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