Burn to Earn a Paddy Pimblett Moment

Burn to Earn a Paddy Pimblett Moment

UFC Strike announced a new burning event to earn a new Paddy Pimblett Challenger Moment ahead of his UFC London fight. The Paddy Pimblett Hybrid Moment Burn Challenge will begin immediately after the UFC London Pack Drop and requires collecting one of the Moments from inside these new packs. There is no maximum limit to this Challenge, and collectors can earn multiple rewards by completing the requirements additional times.

Collectors must complete the following tasks in order to be eligible for the reward:

  1. Burn 5 Paddy Pimblett Series 0 Contender Moments
  2. Collect and hold one Molly McCann Series 1 Contender Moment (from the UFC London pack)

The Challenge will run until 2 p.m. ET on July 26 and collectors can burn their moments through the online tool which is now live.

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