Can(to) You Believe It?

Can(to) You Believe It?

Canto, a Layer-1 blockchain built to deliver on the promise of DeFi, has experienced a rise in NFT trading over the last few days headlined by the report of a $45,000 sale of a Canto Longnecks NFT

❗ Why It Matters

NFT traders often speculate on the first projects on a new chain as a way to make high risk and reward plays. The emergence of the Canto blockchain and its NFT ecosystem could be fueled in a similar manner, headlined by the aforementioned sale of a 1/1 Canto Longneck. 

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canto NFT ecosystem is speedrunning the ETH NFT ecosystem, just with 100x less volume. today, the canto userbase has discovered art NFTsSisyphus

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