Claynosaurz Joins Forces With Solana Mobile

Claynosaurz Joins Forces With Solana Mobile

Claynosaurz announced its "Call of Saga" release, an expansion pack and partnership with Solana Mobile, featuring two new species and exclusive NFTs for Saga users.

The Deets

  • Official partnership with Solana Mobile
  • Two new species: Spino and Para
  • Exclusive NFTs for Saga users
  • Limited edition: 1000 Spinos and 1000 Paras

The Details

Claynosaurz is partnering with Solana Mobile to release an expansion pack called "Call of Saga." This expansion pack brings two new species into the Claynosaurz ecosystem - Spino and Para, introducing new classes, mechanics, and lore possibilities. 

Exclusive to Saga users, 2,000 new Clayno NFTs will be created, 1,000 of each species, maintaining the rarity and scarcity of these collectibles. These NFTs will be available for Saga genesis token holders, 15 days after minting their Saga token once setting up the Saga phone. 

❗️Why It Matters

Claynosaurz has been gaining ground in the Solana NFT race in part thanks to its organic social reach. Now that y00ts and DeGods have migrated away from Solana, there is a notable opportunity for projects to become the preeminent Solana NFT. Do Claynos have a leg up? The partnership with Solana Mobile's native phone showcases both the potential of the IP and speaks to the reputation the brand has already earned on Solana's blockchain. 

🎬 Take Action

If you are a Saga user and Saga genesis token holder, you will become eligible to mint one of the 2,000 exclusive Clayno NFTs 15 days after minting the genesis token. Be sure to keep an eye on your eligibility. 

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