Cobie Begins $1M NFT Trading Quest

Cobie Begins $1M NFT Trading Quest
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Cobie, a notable crypto trader and personality, began a year long quest to $1 million through NFT trading. 

🧐 Wait, What? 

Early this afternoon, Cobie tweeted the following:

The Deets

  • Trades must be peer-to-peer
  • No swapping the NFTs for ETH or stablecoins
  • Initial sale 0.08 ETH
  • Only 50 swaps allowed

The Bulk

Shortly after tweeting the first offer of friend No. 22 from the Forest, No collection, Cobie received a flurry of replies from NFT holders. Those offers included multiple Tubby Cat NFTs, a Pudgy Rod, Super PUMA and more. 

Ultimately, he accepted the offer of another known crypto trader, Cryptopathic, for one Max Pain and Frens NFT from XCOPY. 

Shortly thereafter, the wallet holding the Max Pain and Frens NFT traded it for a Sappy Seals NFT. 

📊 By the Numbers 

Thus far in only two trades, Cobie has moved from a 0.08 ETH purchase to a 0.54 ETH valuation based on the current Sappy Seals floor. 

🎤 Cobie Quotes

On the quest, Cobie said...

I'm just tryign to do the Red Paperclip thing but with NFTs because I am boredCobie

🎬 Take Action 

You can follow the progress on Twitter or via the trading account's activity on OpenSea

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