Max Pain and Frens By XCOPY NFTs

Max Pain and Frens By XCOPY NFT Overview

Project Information

Max Pain and Frens is a collection of multiple artworks by OG NFT artist @XCOPYART launched on Nifty Gateway. The drop consisted of an open edition, two ranked auctions, a drawing, and two levels of burn to redeem artworks. 

The open edition piece, titled 'Max Pain', was available for everyone and sold 7,394 editions. There were two ranked auctions where bidders were able to bid and see the rank of their bid during the auction window. One ranked auction was for 'Waster", which is an edition of 6 pieces, and another for 'Damager Luxe', which is an edition of 12 pieces. There was a drawing open for qualified Nifty Gateway collectors for an edition of 24 pieces titled 'Gourmet Spicy'.

Additionally, holders of XCOPY's Afterburn NFT were able to participate in a burn and redeem activity to burn one or two Afterburns to 'upgrade' to a new XCOPY. Burning one Afterburn allowed holders to enter a drawing for a chance to purchase an edition of 100 Green Afterburn NFT. Burning two Afterburns allowed holders to purchase one of three different XCOPY open editions of 'Damager', 'Guzzler', or 'Reachback'.