Coinbase NFT Announces "Starborn"

Coinbase NFT Announces "Starborn"

Coinbase NFT announced a new NFT drop that will take place tomorrow. "Starborn" by Space+ will be a collection of 11,000 NFTs with some unique utility.

Space+ is a Web3 Space Program by @UpliftAerospace. "The first NFT for future astronauts," Space+ will be sending one lucky holder to NASA's Kennedy Space Center for an upcoming ZeroG weightlessness training.

Space+ has already flown 12 community members in ZeroG and selected 5 community members to train as astronauts. All Starborn members will receive 10% off on ZeroG flights. Each NFT in the collection will be printed and flown into space during the upcoming Blue Origin mission.

The drop will begin on November 16 at 3:00 p.m. ET via the Coinbase NFT website.

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