ConsenSys Invests More Into Blockchain Notifications

ConsenSys Invests More Into Blockchain Notifications

ConsenSys acquired "HAL" to enhance developers' capacity to create notifications for a variety of blockchain signals and activities, according to a report from CoinDesk.

The Deets

HAL is a platform that scours blockchain data and provides automated workflow tools such as notifications via email, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter. The platform offers features for tracking digital assets trading, such as wallet, liquidity levels, tokens, NFT prices, relevant swaps, and collateral health.

❗Why It Matters

Despite resources like Etherscan, reading blockchain data and transactions is not commonplace for many web3 users. HAL should allow developers to build simple notification services when specific conditions are met, instead of relying on users to use their own blockchain comprehension skills. 

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