Doodles Drops Alpha

Doodles Drops Alpha

Doodles announced all Genesis Box NFTs will contain rare or exclusive items in a tweet on Monday afternoon

Why It Matters

Doodles has been listening to feedback from the community and ramping up communication with holders after last year's questionable silence. Often in NFTs, the anticipation of an event is more impactful than the event itself and Doodles leaned into that today, willingly providing an "announcement of an announcement." 

The Deets

Below were the two most important notes from the Doodles announcement:

  • Genesis Boxes - "EVERYTHING in these boxes is gonna be rare" announced the team. Now every box might contain an exclusive, a grail, a Beta Pass, or even a 1/1s trait. The change will impact the reveal of Genesis Box NFTs, which was previously slated for Feb. 
  • DOODLEMAP - "Doodles is here to ship products, not promises." 

Community Quotes

we know you want more we are announcing the communication of more communicationjpegflippa

📊 By The Numbers

After the tweet, the Genesis Box NFT collection increased 25 percent rather quickly, but has since retraced a bit to a floor price of 0.17 ETH at the time of writing. 

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