Dune API Access for All

Dune API Access for All

Crypto analytics platform Dune announced the launch of its new API, revamped subscription tiers, and flexible credit system.

The Deets

  • The Dune API is live for all users
  • Revamped subscription plans with more power for free users
  • Flexible credit system

The Details

The Dune API is live and open to all. The Dune API provides access to Dune's 700k+ community-driven data tables and allows users to automate reporting for funds, protocols, and market intelligence or build alerting and monitoring systems for on-chain activity. For those looking to build no-code apps, the Dune API provides wallet profiling, user segmentation, and the ability to combine the Dune API with off-chain data sources to deliver sector-specific insights.

The Dune API is included in all three new subscription plans that were launched today. Dune is giving the free plan a significant upgrade, and free users now get API access, private queries and dashboards, and CSV downloads.

Dune previously had four pricing options, but now it is launching two new paid plans ($399/mo for Plus and $999/mo for Premium). The paid plans for teams grant API access, higher usage quotas, and unlimited (free) additional seats. Paid plans include unlimited free executions and more CSV exports. Whereas free plans only get 5 CSV exports per month, the Plus tier gets 250 per month, and the Premium tier gets 1,000 per month.

The new credit system lets users flexibly decide how to use Dune's key functionality, so they can choose how to trade off query executions with execution performance and API data export volumes. Free plans get 2,500 credits per month; the Plus tier gets 25,000 credits per month; and the Premium tier gets 100,000 credits per month.

❗ Why It Matters

While the web-based platform already allowed users to query public blockchain data and aggregate it into dashboards, the release of the API will allow for faster innovation as it lets developers integrate and pull Dune's data into various applications with far less friction. Put simply, users interested in analyzing data in the crypto space will now have more tools at their disposal.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Our mission is to make crypto data accessible. With the launch of the Dune API, we're opening up a new world of possibilities. Leave your data infrastructure with us, query flexibly and take the data into your desired environment. Crypto data just became a lot more powerful to work with.Fredrik Haga, Co-founder and CEO of Dune

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