FEWOCiOUS, Alpha Centauri Kid Complete Auctions at Christie's

FEWOCiOUS, Alpha Centauri Kid Complete Auctions at Christie's

The work of notable digital artists FEWOCiOUS and Alpha Centauri Kid were both auctioned off at Christie's today, selling for $252,000 and $107,100 respectively. 

The sales continue the successful trend of digital and NFT artists showcasing their work via traditional auctions and art outlets, bringing further legitimacy to the emerging market. 

FEWOCiOUS, who was painting in a glass box live at the auction, had previously auctioned work at Christie's —  with his 'Pride Month' drop in June of 2021 selling for over $2M. 

Alpha Centauri Kid's 'The Muse' was the artist's first physical piece, and the winning bid came in at over 100% of the initial expected value.

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