GameStop Partners With Telos, Unveils GameStop Playr

GameStop Partners With Telos, Unveils GameStop Playr

Today, Telos announced a partnership with GameStop that will allow the Telos blockchain to reach the mainstream gaming market through GameStop's upcoming Web3 game launcher, GameStop Playr.

The Deets

  • Strategic collaboration: the objective is to help bridge the gap between the conventional gaming community and the Web3 audience.
  • Web3 games supported by Telos' blockchain will appear on GameStop's upcoming Web3 game launchpad, GameStop Playr.

❗ Why It Matters

GameStop continues to try to adjust to a digital future as opposed to focusing on its dwindling fleet of brick and mortar locations (for reference, GameStop's overall store count and domestic store location count have declined over the past five years by -24.3% and -23.3%, respectively, per GameStop's annual filings).

It's no surprise, then, that the video game retailer is embracing Web3 gaming as part of its revival strategy. The collaboration with Telos signifies a meaningful opportunity to expand the global GameFi ecosystem and bring Web3 gaming to mainstream users. And it makes sense as GameStop looks to build out a catalog for its upcoming Web3 game launchpad, GameStop Playr, as Telos is a decentralized blockchain with proven scalability, affordability, a low carbon footprint, and a track record of continuous uptime.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

We are thrilled to enter into this transformative collaboration with GameStop. We believe this collaboration will be a meaningful driver of new users into the Web3 space. By combining GameStop Playr with Web3 games utilizing Telos' high performance blockchain infrastructure, we can break down many of the barriers currently deterring Web2 players from embracing Web3.AJ Dinger, Head of Business Development at the Telos Foundation

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