Gem V2 Rebrands to OpenSea Pro

Gem V2 Rebrands to OpenSea Pro

NFT aggregator Gem V2 has rebranded to OpenSea Pro, per an announcement from @openseapro.

🔙 Back It Up

OpenSea acquired in April 2022, and Gem V2 is the newest version of's NFT aggregation platform. 

❗ Why It Matters

The rollout of OpenSea Pro is the latest escalation in OpenSea's war with Blur. OpenSea always had designs on integrating components of's platform, and now it's brought over more professional trading tools and advanced features to lure the professional traders that have favored Blur's marketplace.

Additionally, OpenSea is quietly turning the 2.5% fee back on, whereas the fee will be 0% on OpenSea Pro for a limited time.

The Deets

  • Zero OpenSea marketplace fees
    • You can list on OpenSea with 0% fees through OpenSea Pro (which has no additional fees) for a promotional period – and fees on OpenSea will return to the standard 2.5%.
  • Pulls listings from 170+ NFT marketplaces
    • OpenSea Pro aggregates every type of offer on your items from marketplaces across the space, allowing you to sell them for the best prices available (including Collection Offers, Bids, NFT pools, and more).
  • More gas-optimized smart contracts to save on transaction costs
  • More control over purchases, (trait) collection offers, and listings. Set orders based on maximum item price, item amount, traits, and more
  • More advanced inventory management. Ability to buy, sell, and manage items across marketplaces, while tracking analytics at the wallet, collection, and item-level
  • Faster real-time activity updates
  • Fully mobile-enabled
  • Other new features including Watchlist, Live Mints Overview, Batch Transfer, and more

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