Gossamer Opens Up on Burnout and Market Struggles

Gossamer Opens Up on Burnout and Market Struggles
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In a heartfelt community post, digital artist Gossamer shares about the ongoing struggle with burnout, financial strain, and the impact of a struggling market on art.

The Deets

  • Gossamer admits to feeling overwhelmed by the financial pressures and current market conditions
  • She has managed to avoid debt but finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her business
  • She plans to reduce her social media activity to manage her mental health better
  • Gossamer highlights the importance of seeking help when struggling, sharing the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number, 988

The Bulk

Gossamer candidly expressed her struggle with burnout and the challenges of a harsh market environment in a recent community post. Her transparency sheds light on the often-unspoken hardships that artists face.

Despite managing to stave off debt, Gossamer describes a dwindling financial buffer, making it increasingly difficult to meet business expenses. The market's instability has made her income unpredictable.

Recognizing the toxic influence of continuous online scrolling and participation in digital spaces, she aims to scale back her social media engagement to occasional updates about her work.

In a commendable move, Gossamer ended her post by urging those facing similar struggles to seek help, sharing the number for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Although this situation is not yet dire or an emergency, it is scary and has been reality for months now. I've been doing all I can month over<br />month to reduce expenses and bring up sales, but as many of you know and have experienced yourselves, the market isn't getting any better.Gossamer

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