Tigerbob NFTs

Tigerbob NFT Overview

Project Information

Tigerbob NFT is the official Tigerbob genesis NFT collection of 1,000 handmade pixel tigers heads by Gossamer Rozen. Gossamer has made each tigerbob in the collection by hand from over 1,000 traits.

Gossamer is a non-binary Filipino/African-American fine artist and tattooer exploring permanence in the metaverse (NFTs) and in real life (tattoos, street art). 

The brand's signature tiger, known as Tigerbob, is one of Gossamer's first tattoo designs in 2019 and has been iterated as tattoos, illustrations, and sculptures since that time. The goal of the Tigerbob NFT project is to present and solidify the Tigerbob brand within Gossamer Rozen's collection of work, and to fund future artistic endeavors. The Tigerbob brand brings together supporters and art enthusiasts of Gossamer's work under a singular image and label.