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Gossamer Opens Up on Burnout and Market Struggles
Logan Hitchcock

In a heartfelt community post, digital artist Gossamer shares about the ongoing struggle with burnout, financial strain, and the impact of a struggling market on art.

The Deets

  • Gossamer admits to feeling overwhelmed by the financial pressures and current market conditions
  • She has managed to avoid debt but finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her business
  • She plans to reduce her social media activity to manage her mental health better
  • Gossamer highlights the importance of seeking help when struggling, sharing the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number, 988

The Bulk

Gossamer candidly expressed her struggle with burnout and the challenges of a harsh market environment in a recent community post. Her transparency sheds light on the often-unspoken hardships that artists face.

Despite managing to stave off debt, Gossamer describes a dwindling financial buffer, making it increasingly difficult to meet business expenses. The market's instability has made her income unpredictable.

Recognizing the toxic influence of continuous online scrolling and participation in digital spaces, she aims to scale back her social media engagement to occasional updates about her work.

In a commendable move, Gossamer ended her post by urging those facing similar struggles to seek help, sharing the number for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Although this situation is not yet dire or an emergency, it is scary and has been reality for months now. I've been doing all I can month over<br />month to reduce expenses and bring up sales, but as many of you know and have experienced yourselves, the market isn't getting any better.Gossamer

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Gossamer Opens Up on Burnout and Market Struggles
Tigerbob Luxury Apparel Now Live
Logan Hitchcock

Tigerbob luxury apparel is now available for purchase, offering limited-edition apparel in Varsity theme colors made from cashmere/merino wool.

The Deets

  • The luxury apparel is available for purchase exclusively on
  • Drop is open to the public and is made to order. 
  • Tigerbob NFT holders can earn a 10 percent discount by connecting wallet. 
  • Drop No. 2 is coming next week. 

❗Why It Matters

While low-quality shirts and sweatshirts are a staple in web3, few brands have attempted to tackle high-quality or luxury merchandise and apparel. Tigerbob's drop offers fashion enthusiasts and Tigerbob fans alike an opportunity to get their hands on limited edition apparel that is unique to web3. 

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Visit to explore and purchae your Tigerbob apparel.

Tigerbob Luxury Apparel Now Live
Tigerbob.Store Open Now
Julian Son

Tigerbob's first collection of luxury fashion is now available for sale on the Tigerbob.Store, per a tweet from Tigerbob Global.

Why It Matters

The Tigerbob.Store is now open to the public, and is stocked with fashionable low-edition garments and threads from Tigerbob artist and founder Gossamer Rozen (@grelysian).

Tigerbob Genesis token holders previously had access to a presale starting back on Feb. 17th, but can still get a 10% discount if they connect their wallet.


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Tigerbob.Store Open Now
Tigerbob Adding Luxury

Tigerbob is launching a luxury merchandise line starting in Feb. 2023, according to a tweet from the project.

Why it Matters

Tigerbob's artist and founder Gossamer Rozen has previously talked about the intention of "luxury" when building a brand. The project is aiming to manifest that luxury through physical goods, available to the public with additional perks to Tigerbob NFT holders, including: 

  • New fine art NFT drops exploring the Tigerbob universe
  • In-person studio visits and pop-up events


🎤 Community Quotes 

love to see it I got a sneak peek at some of the cashmere clothing coming out and am excited to do a little once the store is liveDeeze

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Tigerbob Adding Luxury
Tigerbob Lays Out Updated Roadmap
Staff Writer

Gossamer Rozen released a Twitter thread Wednesday outlining the next steps for her project Tigerbob.

The project will focus on building up the "luxury, web2" part of the brand, the thread said, specifically in fashion where Tigerbob holders can expect fashion-related physical and digital airdrops such as:

  • knitted garments
  • garments made from new and vintage textiles
  • tufted rugs
  • and other unique handmade physical art

Rozen also said a new website is coming soon and there will be a Shopify webstore available in November. 

Read more about the project's updated roadmap in a Medium article.

Tigerbob Lays Out Updated Roadmap
Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen Announces New Roadmap Updates
Jason Bales

Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen announced new roadmap updates today, including airdrops for NFT holders.

In June, Tigerbob NFT holders can expect airdrops to be randomly distributed to their wallets. These will be announced officially on the project's website and social media platforms. Tigerbob will never do an impromptu mint.

Tigerbob also announced the expansion of its NFTs from head to full-body characters. This body NFT drop is exclusive to the original 1,000 Tigerbob tokens, and a new mechanic will be introduced to combine your Tigerbob head NFT with its Tigerbob body NFT.


Tigerbob NFT holders will also gain access to future Gossamer Rozen and Tigerbob projects. Mrammou NFT holders will also unlock this perk.

Exclusive Discord channels are available now for Tigerbob NFT holders to participate in.

As for updates to existing roadmap items, exclusive Discord channels are available now for Tigerbob NFT holders to participate in.

Tigerbob NFT-inspired art pieces will be on display at NFT NYC's 2022 Diversity of NFTs Art Showcase. This artwork will also be displayed on the Times Square and Marriott Marquis Atrium billboards during the event.

Merchandise is scheduled to go live in late Summer 2022. The merch store will have clothing, stickers, art books, and more. A larger merch drop is expected in Fall 2022.

The stickers, artbooks, and more will express comics, illustrations, and narratives from the Tigerbob universe.

A playable Tigerbob-theme metaverse is currently in its research phase. It will be in collaboration with Hypercastle Explorers. The project is expected to begin development as early as July 2022. Tigerbob 3D avatars are expected to be a part of this development.

Gossamer Rozen is working on collaborations with other projects that will soon be announced.

For the full list of roadmap updates and description, go to Tigerbob's official website here. 

Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen Announces New Roadmap Updates
Tigerbob Holding Dutch Auction on OpenSea
Staff Writer

Tigerbob, from @greylsian, will be minting the unminted NFTs in its collection to a multi-signature wallet at 6 p.m. ET Monday, the project announced on Twitter.

Tigerbob will also be holding a Dutch auction on OpenSea at 8 p.m. Monday for its public sale. The starting price will be 2x floor price and will rest at 1 ETH. The total number available will be announced before the auction.

Hot tip: If you don't like what the project is doing, you can sit on the sidelines. We are funding a brand," the project tweeted Monday.

Tigerbob Holding Dutch Auction on OpenSea
Tigerbob Begins Minting
Staff Writer

Those on the Tigerbob allowlist have 48 hours to mint their NFT. Users can check their allowlist (and waitlist) status on the Tigerbob website and through the spreadsheet provided by the project. Tigerbob is a collection of 1,000 pixellated tiger heads hand-drawn by artist Gossamer Rozen

Rozen’s PROOF Collective Grail has a floor price of 3.95 ETH.

With just under half of the supply minted (481) as of Saturday at 1:35 p.m. ET, the collection has a 2.99 ETH floor with more than 300 ETH in volume.

Tigerbob Begins Minting