Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen Announces New Roadmap Updates

Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen Announces New Roadmap Updates
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Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen announced new roadmap updates today, including airdrops for NFT holders.

In June, Tigerbob NFT holders can expect airdrops to be randomly distributed to their wallets. These will be announced officially on the project's website and social media platforms. Tigerbob will never do an impromptu mint.

Tigerbob also announced the expansion of its NFTs from head to full-body characters. This body NFT drop is exclusive to the original 1,000 Tigerbob tokens, and a new mechanic will be introduced to combine your Tigerbob head NFT with its Tigerbob body NFT.


Tigerbob NFT holders will also gain access to future Gossamer Rozen and Tigerbob projects. Mrammou NFT holders will also unlock this perk.

Exclusive Discord channels are available now for Tigerbob NFT holders to participate in.

As for updates to existing roadmap items, exclusive Discord channels are available now for Tigerbob NFT holders to participate in.

Tigerbob NFT-inspired art pieces will be on display at NFT NYC's 2022 Diversity of NFTs Art Showcase. This artwork will also be displayed on the Times Square and Marriott Marquis Atrium billboards during the event.

Merchandise is scheduled to go live in late Summer 2022. The merch store will have clothing, stickers, art books, and more. A larger merch drop is expected in Fall 2022.

The stickers, artbooks, and more will express comics, illustrations, and narratives from the Tigerbob universe.

A playable Tigerbob-theme metaverse is currently in its research phase. It will be in collaboration with Hypercastle Explorers. The project is expected to begin development as early as July 2022. Tigerbob 3D avatars are expected to be a part of this development.

Gossamer Rozen is working on collaborations with other projects that will soon be announced.

For the full list of roadmap updates and description, go to Tigerbob's official website here. 

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