Illuvium Brings 'Overworld' To The ImmutableX Blockchain

Illuvium Brings 'Overworld' To The ImmutableX Blockchain

The Illuvium Game Studio has launched its latest blockchain game "Illuvium: Overworld" in private beta, as announced this afternoon. Only 30,000 participants will be able to play in the private beta game.

What Is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a game studio aiming to create the world's first interoperable blockchain games with its triset of  Overworld, Arena, and Zero. Players can play and own assets across each of these games, introducing that interoperability concept.

The Australia-based team has built the games via Unreal Engine 5 and they will reside on the ImmutableX blockchain. The company is valued at $10B and is backed by notable founders including AAVE's Stani Kulechov and Sandbox's Sebastien Borget. And Illuvium's founders have big plans.

"Our mission is to build the first truly AAA experience in the history of web3,” co-founder and game director Aaron Warwick said.

What Is Illuvium: Overworld?

Illuvium: Overworld is a free-to-play, open-world collection game available on PC and Mac. The goal of the game is to collect resources, avoid hazards, and hunt for Illuvials, with the overarching aim of capturing rarer and more powerful Illuvials to climb the leaderboard. Users can battle each other in the Arena to capture Illuvials, and if victorious, the winner can then battle the Illuvial in the arena or sell it on the Illuvidex exchange (the game studio's zero-gas fee marketplace).

Players are incentivized to participate in higher-stakes battles to reap higher-stakes rewards. But to gain access to higher levels, players must either develop land in Illuvium: Zero (not yet available but potentially ready by Christmas) or by purchasing fuel on the Illuvidex marketplace. Thus there is a method of bypassing gameplay for those who are willing to pay up for the game assets (otherwise known as digital collectibles, or NFTs).

There is also a play-to-earn mechanic, where players can earn ILV tokens as rewards by completing quests and winning prizes in tournaments, amongst other methods. Players can also wager on battles in the Arena as another method of gaining tokens (or losing them).

The ImmutableX blockchain where this is all hosted has seen the third-largest trading volume in the past 30 days, with $12.89M in activity. This is down 48 percent from the prior month and puts the ImmutableX blockchain squarely ahead of the fourth-biggest blockchain by trading volume, Polygon, in Q4 activity.

Interested players can register for the games at and can learn more at Illuvium's website.

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