NFT Inspect Unveils 2.0 Update

NFT Inspect Unveils 2.0 Update

Inspect is set to launch its version 2.0, featuring a revamped interface, an enhanced product suite, $INSP token, and an innovative decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The Deets

  • Revamped Interface: More user-friendly, streamlined experience
  • Enhanced Product Suite: New features and tools for NFT research and analysis
  • Innovative DAO: Greater community empowerment and involvement
  • Caution on Scams: No official $INSP contract exists yet; beware of fraud

The Bulk

The updated interface aims to provide a more intuitive and streamlined user experience, making NFT research and analytics more accessible. The enhanced product suite is designed to provide new features and tools, further simplifying the process of analyzing NFTs.

Inspect will use Zealy to monitor the leading contributors leading up to the $INSP token airdrop.

Inspect has issued a cautionary note for its users: no official $INSP contract currently exists. Users are warned to stay vigilant of non-official accounts sharing contract or token information, as these are likely fraudulent.

🎬 Take Action

Complete quests and follow along with your leaderboard progress for $INSP airdrop. 

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