NFTInspect To Integrate Polygon-Based NFTs

NFTInspect To Integrate Polygon-Based NFTs

NFTInspect announced a strategic collaboration with Polygon that will see the integration of Polygon-based NFTs.

❗ Why It Matters

NFTInspect is a Web3 social intelligence platform that analyzes NFT collections ranked by community signals as well as an individual's influence and global reach on Twitter and can be accessed via the web-based app or Chrome browser extension.

Now NFTInspect is taking a first step towards a truly multichain Inspect 2.0 with the Polygon integration and will be adding a dedicated Polygon ranking system and section on the NFTInspect website alongside both ETH and SOL.

What It Means

Key objectives of the collaboration:

  • Integration of Polygon-based NFTs into Inspect leaderboards
  • Creation of tools and services for the Polygon community
  • Joint R&D for new NFT/Web3 ventures
  • Educational and community engagement initiatives

🔜 What’s Next?



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