IYK Rolls Out Autograph Feature With Gmoney, Jeff Staple

IYK Rolls Out Autograph Feature With Gmoney, Jeff Staple
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IYK launched a new autograph module, enabling users to immortalize autographs on their digital items using blockchain technology.

The Deets

  • Signatures become a part of the item's history and are cryptographically verifiable.
  • The module is live on IT-01 and IT-03 products, offering signature opportunities at Paris Fashion Week.
  • Utilizes ERC-6551

The Bulk

IYK is making strides in personalizing the digital ownership experience with the introduction of its autograph module. This feature allows users to autograph IYK-powered items directly from their phones, embedding their signatures into the item's digital record.

Unlike traditional autographs, these signatures are permanent and cryptographically verifiable, thus preserving their authenticity over time.

Currently, the autograph module is active on the IT-01 and IT-03 products. Attendees of Paris Fashion Week have the unique opportunity to get their items signed by gmoney and Jeff Staple. 

🎬 Take Action

If you're intrigued by the autograph module and want to explore its features, reach out to the team by emailing contact@iyk.app

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