Japan Getting a New Metaverse

Japan Getting a New Metaverse

Fujitsu is teaming up with Mitsubishi and other top companies to develop a metaverse that will "update Japan through the power of games," according to a release by Fujitsu today. 

The Deets

The project is a concept named "RYUGUKOKU" led by Hajime Tabata, founder of JP Games and advisor to the Japanese Government's Digital Agency. According to the release it aims to "deliver an open and secure Metaverse infrastructure that enables safe and stable use of identity authentication, various payments, data infrastructure, insurance, etc" by creating an RPG fantasy world-like experience.

❗Why It Matters

This is a massive list of Japanese companies jumping in and investing in the concept of the metaverse. In addition, collectively they aim to expand the "Japan Metaverse Economic Zone" globally which can bring new attention to metaverse lands, NFTs, etc. 

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