KPRVerse 'Keeper List' Published

KPRVerse 'Keeper List' Published

The KPRVerse team released the results of their application process, via a tweet this afternoon.

Applicants are advised to navigate to the team's site at to see if they made the "Keeper List." 

The upcoming mint (date still TBD) will be divided into two phases, one for the "Keeper's List" and one for the "General Mint." The Keeper's List mint will take place 24 hours ahead of the General Mint, lasting 24 hours. The General Mint is not a public sale, and entrants will need to gain the "Citizens" status to be eligible. The Citizens tag will be granted for "sincere effort," according to an update on the team's Twitter page.

The KPR project which describes itself as "a brand that focused on collective narrative and empowering storytellers" has been widely speculated as a top project to watch for Q4 2022.

A driver of their anticipated demand has been tied to their application process, one in which applicants had to fill out a form with a series of questions explaining why they should be eligible to mint and how they would bring value to the community. This is a newer trend for projects, one that Valhalla also notably followed in the past few months.

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