LooksRare Adds Notifications Feature for Customizable Alerts

LooksRare Adds Notifications Feature for Customizable Alerts

LooksRare is adding a new feature that will send customizable alerts to its users via Discord.

The feature is still in beta, but it will allow for up to five wallets to get alerts on sales, offers, and listings.

Users must join the LooksRare Discord to receive the notifications.

This latest feature is only part of LooksRare's campaign to continue adding new utility and offerings to its platform. 

This week, LooksRare also added the ability to hide unwanted NFTs in a user's profile and collection-level search and filter features

Last week, the team added conditional listings to its NFT marketplace, making it possible to list two NFTs for sale and then automatically delete the second listing when one of the two NFTs sold.

And at the beginning of the month, LooksRare added an estimated floor value to its platform in an effort to keep users from inappropiately pricing their NFTs. The feature takes traits into consideration. 

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