LooksRare NFT Aggregator Is Coming Soon

LooksRare NFT Aggregator Is Coming Soon

Soon users will be able to buy NFTs from other NFT marketplaces directly on LooksRare, according to a tweet from the marketplace.

The launch will mark the latest NFT aggregator, "a set of smart contracts that accepts trade data from multiple marketplaces/liquidity sources and executes the trades in a single on-chain transaction." Aggregators help to provide consumers with the best possible price and a variety of royalty payments, fees, and more.

Recently, the rise of the Blur NFT aggregator has helped steal market share away from OpenSea's NFT marketplace. 

Though a launch date has not been set, LooksRare indicated that when the feature is live users will be able to at least purchase NFTs from the OpenSea Marketplace on LooksRare.

LooksRare aims to add other NFT marketplaces to its aggregator, but prior to doing so it will host a Code4rena contract audit to iron out any major issues or flaws with the smart contracts prior to launch. The Code4erena audit will kickstart on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and will last for five days and provide up to 60,500 USDC in prizes should bugs or issues be identified. 

In addition to purchasing NFTs from other marketplaces, the NFT aggregator launch will allow users to bulk buy NFTs on LooksRare. 

For more information on the contract audit, refer to the Code4erena listing

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