Blur Beats OpenSea Two Days in a Row

Blur Beats OpenSea Two Days in a Row
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New NFT marketplace Blur has beaten OpenSea in total trading volume for the second day in a row, according to a tweet from their account this morning and confirmed by notable NFT statistician "NFT Statistics" (@Punk9059).

Blur tallied 12,000 ETH volume on the day, compared to OpenSea's 8,700 ETH. This is now the second day in a row Blur has outpaced OpenSea, winning the battle on Tuesday by a more narrow margin, 9,700 ETH to 9,600 ETH.

The main contributor to Blur's newfound supremacy has been Art Gobblers, which has seen ~75 percent of its trading take place on Blur. Interestingly, Art Gobblers is backed by the fund Paradigm, which is also a lead investor in Blur.

A primary reason for Blur's volume is its zero-fee and royalty-optional listing structure. Traders have the option to toggle default royalties down to zero, and the platform does not take a cut (compared to a 2.5 percent fee on OpenSea). Thus, a 15 ETH Art Gobbler sale would net a seller on Blur 1.41 more ETH (~$2,200).

The lack of fees, especially on high-value assets, makes a big difference. It will be interesting to monitor how Blur's market share continues to hold up once Art Gobblers' revenue inevitably starts to decline.


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