Art Gobblers NFTs

Art Gobblers NFT Overview

Project Information

Art Gobblers is an experimental art project created by Justin Roiland and the Web3/crypto investment firm Paradigm on the Ethereum blockchain. Justin Roiland is the creator of the television show Rick and Morty. There is no public project roadmap, rather Justin Roiland and Paradigm are relying on the community to define how it evolves over time. The first 2,000 Art Gobbler NFTs were a free mint for wallets that received an allowlist spot. In total, there will be 10,000 Art Gobbler NFTs that can be minted. The remaining 8,000 Art Gobblers are mintable by the native token $GOO. Each Art Gobbler NFT emits $GOO, which can be used to mint Blank Pages and new Art Gobblers. The more $GOO that is staked, the faster $GOO is produced. Blank Page NFTs allow users to mint new 1-of-1 drawings into the Gobbler ecosystem. The new art that is created by users from the Blank Pages can be "gobbled" by Art Gobblers, which are then displayed in the Art Gobbler belly that eats the minted art.