Magic Eden Adding Polygon Support

Magic Eden Adding Polygon Support

Magic Eden announced its adding support for Polygon to its NFT marketplace next month, making it the third supported blockchain on the platform. 

Though it started as a Solana-only NFT marketplace, Magic Eden has slowly started creating a multi-chain future. In early August the platform added support for Ethereum NFTs, allowing users to browse and purchase NFTs from both Solana and Ethereum. 

Now with Polygon support, Magic Eden aims to onboard "more global brands and new users onto NFTs." 

"Polygon is already home to some of the biggest Web3 gaming projects, including Sandbox, Atari, Skyweaver, Midnight Society, Metalcore, Wildcard, and Zed Run. We expect many high quality Polygon games to come online in the next year and are excited to work with Polygon to bring those to market in a way that no marketplace has before," reads the official press release

In support of that goal, and in partnership with Polygon, Magic Eden's first step is creating a Polygon launchpad to spearhead the launch of seven games by the end of this year. A full list of those games, which range from casual games to free-to-play RPGs, can be found in the initial press release. 

The multi-chain strategy has been a focus of NFT marketplaces recently. In early September, leading Ethereum marketplace, OpenSea, announced its focused on adding support for more blockchains. 

"Being part of web3 so early means that we need to be open to all the possibilities that innovation brings. Our goal is to grow the overall market for NFTs. We can grow the pie by bringing in new users, and testing real use cases for NFTs that have longevity, such as games. Going to Polygon creates more inspiration and cross-exposure opportunities for everyone," concluded Magic Eden. 

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