Magic Eden Will Launch Ethereum Marketplace on Feb. 27

Magic Eden Will Launch Ethereum Marketplace on Feb. 27
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Magic Eden, in collaboration with Yuga Labs, will debut its Ethereum marketplace on February 27, promising lower gas fees and enhanced creator royalties through its partnership with Limit Break.

The Deets

  • Launch Date: Ethereum marketplace opens on February 27
  • Tech Partnership: Powered by Limit Break's Payment Processor protocol
  • Cost Efficiency: Gas fees cut by 6% to 40% for numerous transactions
  • Creator Support: Commitment to safeguarding creator royalties and innovation

The Bulk

Magic Eden hopes to redefine the marketplace experience with the launch of its new Ethereum platform. By collaborating with Limit Break, Magic Eden ensures its marketplace not only offers reduced gas fees but also stands as a bastion for creator rights and future-forward innovation.

This strategic alliance leverages Limit Break's Payment Processor protocol, setting a new benchmark in transaction efficiency against current standards like OpenSea's Seaport. 

In addition to economic benefits, this partnership underscores a shared vision for the NFT community's future—especially in upholding creator royalties. Last week Magic Eden announced its Creator Alliance, which features most prominent ETH NFT projects as ambassadors and supporters of its marketplace.  

The marketplace launchpad will also go live on Feb. 27 with a mint of Okay Dogs from the founders of Okay Bears. 

📊 By the Numbers

Estimates suggest that marketplace actions will provide somewhere between a 6-40% gas reduction on most marketplace actions. 

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback:

Limit Break's dedication to pushing the boundaries of web3 technology has paved the way for us to collaborate on safeguarding creator royalties and fostering future innovation.Magic Eden

🔜 What's Next?

The marketplace launchpad will open concurrently on February 27, featuring the mint of Okay Dogs by the creators of Okay Bears. 

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