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Okay Bears is a collection of bear profile pictures on Solana for a project focused on building a refuge in the NFT space “where it is okay to be okay.” The project’s roadmap, called a Blueprint, includes lo-fi mixtapes for the community, holders-only merchandise and partnerships and brand-outreach campaigns.

Okay Bears was founded by Kais and Suby. Kais has degrees in graphic design, art history and branding. He brings his strategic experience in building and leading design projects for many global brands including Unicef, United Nations, Unilever, Greenpeace, Ford, Dell and Olympus. Suby was previously an engineer, now an emerging leader in developing and nurturing web3 communities. Suby brings experience working in a strategic design consulting firm engaged in leading NFT collection projects for established international teams.

The project Blueprint is made up of 7 sections:

  • The Bear Market - an ecosystem of web 3, web 2 and IRL sales channels, exclusive for Okay Bears holders, built through robust partnerships with industry-leading brands.
  • Workshop - authentic, grassroots community engagement and public awareness projects including outdoor advertising and corporate social responsibility (CSR) collaborations with respected global brands.
  • Gallery - an Okay Bears online gallery, a curated page of fan art displayed, and Pop-up art exhibits in cities worldwide
  • Platform - Keynotes, conferences, and meetups as well as community grants
  • The Park - "A Discord where chill replaces grind and lo-fi good vibes and conversation flow endlessly"
  • Studio - community lo-fi mixtapes, future NFT drops, and concept art wallpaper drops
  • Boutique - exclusive merchandise, limited edition collectibles, and global collaborations with fashion, lifestyle and sports brands

News Feed

Okay Bears teamed up with IKONICK and Shopify to release the "first" Solana token-gated e-commerce experience, Okay Bears Shop.

IKONICK is a digital wall art company that allows users to choose from thousands of canvases and prints to create custom, physical artworks.

Shopify has partnered with various NFT projects during this year's NFT NYC event, including Doodles, Invisible Friends, and others. 

Token-gated shops have been released on Ethereum in the past.

Information about available merchandise and other items is still unknown.


Okay Bears Announces 'First Solana Token-Gated E-Commerce Experience'

Following its release five weeks ago, Okay Bears, a Solana NFT project that immediately took the NFT space by storm, released what it has been working on behind the scenes in a recent Discord announcement.

We've gathered all the details below:

  • Begun working with the digital art brand IKONICK.
    • Holders will have access to holders-art at a discount.
    • There are plans to release a merchandise collaboration.
  • Teamed up with HEIR, a web3 company that connects professional athletes to their fans.
    • In collaboration with HEIR, the team will be auctioning off honorary Okay Bears for charity, some of which will be hosted later this month. 
    • Okay Bears holders will receive allowlist spots for every future HEIR drop.
  • Planning an event for NFT NYC and will be releasing further details next week.
  • Decided that Okay Bears NFT holders will be receiving the IP (Intellectual Property) rights to their NFT.
  • The "Bear Market" was reworked to reward buyers and holders.
Okay Bears Shares Behind the Scenes

In a little more than 24 hours since its inception, Not Okay Bears, an Okay Bears derivative, has taken the top spot on the OpenSea 24-hour volume rankings. 

The collection has traded more than 3,300 ETH - nearly three times as much as Otherdeeds NFTs in the last day. 

The current floor price is 0.29 ETH. 

Not Okay Bears Leads OpenSea Volume Rankings

NotOkayBears, a derivative of the Solana-based NFT project OkayBears, has traded more than 500 ETH in volume in less than 24 hours since its release. 

The project currently sits at approximately a 0.14 ETH floor, an increase of 400% from the 0.03 ETH floor it boasted not even eight hours ago.

Its inspiration, Okay Bears, has done more volume in sales today than Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks combined.

Not Okay Bears Trades More than 500 ETH

The floor price for Okay Bears, a 10,000-edition project which hopes to create a "chill" metaverse, rose from 28 SOL to more than 61 in the last 12 hours. The project, which sold out Apr. 26, sits atop the OpenSea rankings page for the past 24 hours after doing more than 180,000 SOL in volume (about $18 million). That's more than the next-highest project, VeeFriends Series 2 (4,659 ETH or $13 million),  did over the same time period.

The Okay Bear Discord's general chat is currently closed and should open around 5 p.m. ET according to an announcement. 

Okay Bears Surge More Than 100 Percent Overnight


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