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Magic Eden Will Launch Ethereum Marketplace on Feb. 27
Logan Hitchcock

Magic Eden, in collaboration with Yuga Labs, will debut its Ethereum marketplace on February 27, promising lower gas fees and enhanced creator royalties through its partnership with Limit Break.

The Deets

  • Launch Date: Ethereum marketplace opens on February 27
  • Tech Partnership: Powered by Limit Break's Payment Processor protocol
  • Cost Efficiency: Gas fees cut by 6% to 40% for numerous transactions
  • Creator Support: Commitment to safeguarding creator royalties and innovation

The Bulk

Magic Eden hopes to redefine the marketplace experience with the launch of its new Ethereum platform. By collaborating with Limit Break, Magic Eden ensures its marketplace not only offers reduced gas fees but also stands as a bastion for creator rights and future-forward innovation.

This strategic alliance leverages Limit Break's Payment Processor protocol, setting a new benchmark in transaction efficiency against current standards like OpenSea's Seaport. 

In addition to economic benefits, this partnership underscores a shared vision for the NFT community's future—especially in upholding creator royalties. Last week Magic Eden announced its Creator Alliance, which features most prominent ETH NFT projects as ambassadors and supporters of its marketplace.  

The marketplace launchpad will also go live on Feb. 27 with a mint of Okay Dogs from the founders of Okay Bears. 

📊 By the Numbers

Estimates suggest that marketplace actions will provide somewhere between a 6-40% gas reduction on most marketplace actions. 

🎤 Founder Feedback:

Limit Break's dedication to pushing the boundaries of web3 technology has paved the way for us to collaborate on safeguarding creator royalties and fostering future innovation.Magic Eden

🔜 What's Next?

The marketplace launchpad will open concurrently on February 27, featuring the mint of Okay Dogs by the creators of Okay Bears. 

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Magic Eden Will Launch Ethereum Marketplace on Feb. 27
Okay Bears Not Sleeping
Logan Hitchcock

Okay Bears will launch its Sleep Streaks on Mar. 13, according to a tweet from the project. 

🧐Wait, What?

Sleep Streaks is one of three Okay Bears reward streaks, provided to holders who keep their Okay Bear NFT delisted, or off of secondary marketplaces. Sleep Streaks are expected to provide access to exclusive physical and digital drops. 

❗Why It Matters

Solana NFTs have yielded attention in recent months in the wake of Canto NFTs and now Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs taking all the non-ETH attention. Nevertheless, Okay Bears - a top Solana NFT project - continues its quest to build a notable brand. Its latest efforts are focused are on rewarding an active community with Okay Bears rewards, will it be enough to build momentum? 

🎤 Project Prose

The Bear that hibernates is the Bear that wins big 👌🐻💰Okay Bears

🧠 Learn More

  • Okay Bears Outlines New Rewards Program
Okay Bears Not Sleeping
Okay Bears Outlines New Rewards Program
Bill Monighetti

Okay Bears introduced Badges and Streaks, a new rewards program the project will be offering to its holders.

❗Why It Matters

By completing different tasks meant to elevate the Okay Bears brand, Okay Bears NFT holders will be able to earn rewards ranging from entries into raffle contests to access to physical and digital drops.

🔍 The Deets

  • Badges can be earned by reaching certain milestones, for example holding an Okay Bear NFT from mint, attempting to collect 100% of traits, etc.
  • There are three types of Streaks holders can partipate in: GM streaks, rep streaks and sleep streaks.
  • Sleep streaks: holders can earn access to physical and digital drops by delisting their Okay Bears.
  • Rep streaks: those who are building online identities while repping their Okay Bears IP can earn raffle tickets into weekly rep raffles..
  • GM streak: Holders and non-holders alike who use the Okay Bears platform to send a branded GM tweet can gain entry into periodic raffle contests.

🎤 Community Feedback

Looking forward to PFP repping rewards and soft staking, not so much the daily grind, but let's try it out and see@TomQH_

Gotta give credit when credits due. Good update from the @okaybears team. UI looking real clean.@NFTLabz_

Okay Bears Outlines New Rewards Program
Okay Bears Team Raises Funds for Earthquake Victims
Bill Monighetti

Okay Bears announced yesterday evening that the project is dropping an open edition artwork and donating the funds to support victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

❗Why It Matters

Through its charity arm, "Okay Cares," Okay Bears will work with Australia for UNHCR to provide urgent aid to those affected by the disaster.

🔍 The Deets

  • To help raise awareness for the campaign, Okay Bears has made UN-themed Bear PFPs available through 
  • The open edition costs 1 SOL to mint, around $21 at the time of writing.
  • Interested parties can view the artwork and mint on Metaplex.

🎤 Community Feedback

We love you bears, never forget your support #WAGBOsimbiyotikbear.eth

Proud of this team. The charitable brand. Can we get @MrBeast to pick some of these up?@renes00l

Okay Bears Team Raises Funds for Earthquake Victims
Okay Bears Release Roadmap Update for 2023
Logan Hitchcock

Okay Bears provided holders and community members with an update of items expected to be staggered during the first and second quarter of 2023 on its official Twitter account this morning.

The project, which took the community by storm this summer, is poised to enter 2023 fully embracing and leaning into community support with multiple initiatives aimed at benefitting existing holders and active participants of its previously executed Bear Drops.

Below we'll walk through some of the expected items coming to the OKB Community:

Okay Badges, Streaks

In an effort to reward holding, trading, and community engagement, Okay Bears is establishing Okay Badges and Streaks. Users can earn and dynamically upgrade badges based on their involvement in the community, eventually leading to exclusive holder rewards. 

Okay Bears Gold Medallion

Okay Bears will be making a limited edition 10g Gold Medallion which features the OKB logo. This limited edition drop will be redeemable only through burning Bear Drop collectibles. 

The project also teased that this would not be the last time users can burn collectibles for additional, exclusive rewards. 

Okay Bears Merchandise

Okay Bears merchandise is coming soon too! The announcement indicates that the ethically sourced merchandise is "almost here" though no official dates or times have been provided. 

More On the Way.. 

Lastly, the project indicated that through the help of its partnership with IMG Academy many more initiatives and talks are underway. The aforementioned roadmap items are just a taste of things the project has planned for 2023, with many more items "left under wraps" for now.

The project will likely end the year far from its all-time high floor price, but it has rebounded more than 100 percent since its local bottom around the peak of the FTX fallout.

Okay Bears Release Roadmap Update for 2023
Okay Bears Releases Community Toolkit for IP Expansion
Logan Hitchcock

Okay Bears, a leading Solana PFP project, announced the release of an expansive community toolkit filled with brand assets for community use early Tuesday morning. 

The toolkit is composed of multiple OKBC Logos, the “We are Okay” Slogan, OKBC Mascot, Seal, and Brand Guidelines, such as color palettes. 

"When you hold an Okay Bear, you gain access to an ever-expanding set of IP, not just a single JPEG. We want to empower you to take your Okay Bear from an NFT to a stand-alone personal or commercial brand," read an announcement in the project's Discord. 

The toolkit can be accessed at, but is only available to holders of Okay Bears and the Okay Gold Coin. 

After a tremendous burst onto the scene, Okay Bears have steadily declined in floor price over the last few months. The project recorded a high floor price of 263 SOL on Magic Eden in May but now holds just a 43.33 SOL floor on the platform. 

Okay Bears Releases Community Toolkit for IP Expansion
Okay Bears Adds New Head of Development and Engineering
Jason Bales

Okay Bears hired a new head of development and engineering to build out "an amazing tech team" and make Okay Bears "an impactful contributor to the web3 ecosystem," the team announced today.

The new hire, who goes by the name rlx, is "a software engineer with over 20 years of experience," according to the team, and was formerly the "CTO of an award-winning OG web2 SaaS company." They also founded and created MoonRank NFT, which is a statistical rarity service that has been integrated into all major Solana markets and tools.

"Rlx is an open-source proponent and has contributed to countless projects including PHP (to which he added JSON support), PostgreSQL, Electron, Quiche, unfiltered, netty, the Solana validator and other Solana projects, Google Closure Library, mcrouter, octodns, and many more," the team wrote on Twitter.

Frank, of DeGods and y00ts fame, chimed in to call the hire an "absolute W."

It appears the new addition to the team will remain anonymous, despite the long list of accomplishments they've earned. It is unclear if Okay Bears is hiring new developers in addition to rlx or not.

Okay Bears Adds New Head of Development and Engineering
Okay Bears Starts Final Bear Drop
Logan Hitchcock

Okay Bears announced the final phase of its Bear Drop Campaign began early on Sunday morning. 

The campaign follows two others that encourage increased social and community engagement for Okay Bears fans and holders. 

In the previous two drops, 500 allowlist spots were given away to select engaged members that showcased enthusiasm for Okay Bears while completing select social tasks. 

For the final drop, users are asked to raise their hand in the "Campaign" channel inside the Okay Bears Discord. From there 300 holders will be selected to take part in a "Wrong Answers Only" campaign for which all selected parties will receive a guaranteed spot on the upcoming Bear Drop NFT allowlist. 

Interested Okay Bears holders will have until 5:00 a.m. ET on Monday, Oct. 17 to express interest in participating. 

Okay Bears Starts Final Bear Drop