Okay Bears Adds New Head of Development and Engineering

Okay Bears Adds New Head of Development and Engineering
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Okay Bears hired a new head of development and engineering to build out "an amazing tech team" and make Okay Bears "an impactful contributor to the web3 ecosystem," the team announced today.

The new hire, who goes by the name rlx, is "a software engineer with over 20 years of experience," according to the team, and was formerly the "CTO of an award-winning OG web2 SaaS company." They also founded and created MoonRank NFT, which is a statistical rarity service that has been integrated into all major Solana markets and tools.

"Rlx is an open-source proponent and has contributed to countless projects including PHP (to which he added JSON support), PostgreSQL, Electron, Quiche, unfiltered, netty, the Solana validator and other Solana projects, Google Closure Library, mcrouter, octodns, and many more," the team wrote on Twitter.

Frank, of DeGods and y00ts fame, chimed in to call the hire an "absolute W."

It appears the new addition to the team will remain anonymous, despite the long list of accomplishments they've earned. It is unclear if Okay Bears is hiring new developers in addition to rlx or not.

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