Okay Bears Starts Final Bear Drop

Okay Bears Starts Final Bear Drop
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Okay Bears announced the final phase of its Bear Drop Campaign began early on Sunday morning. 

The campaign follows two others that encourage increased social and community engagement for Okay Bears fans and holders. 

In the previous two drops, 500 allowlist spots were given away to select engaged members that showcased enthusiasm for Okay Bears while completing select social tasks. 

For the final drop, users are asked to raise their hand in the "Campaign" channel inside the Okay Bears Discord. From there 300 holders will be selected to take part in a "Wrong Answers Only" campaign for which all selected parties will receive a guaranteed spot on the upcoming Bear Drop NFT allowlist. 

Interested Okay Bears holders will have until 5:00 a.m. ET on Monday, Oct. 17 to express interest in participating. 

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