Okay Bears Not Sleeping

Okay Bears Not Sleeping
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Okay Bears will launch its Sleep Streaks on Mar. 13, according to a tweet from the project. 

🧐Wait, What?

Sleep Streaks is one of three Okay Bears reward streaks, provided to holders who keep their Okay Bear NFT delisted, or off of secondary marketplaces. Sleep Streaks are expected to provide access to exclusive physical and digital drops. 

❗Why It Matters

Solana NFTs have yielded attention in recent months in the wake of Canto NFTs and now Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs taking all the non-ETH attention. Nevertheless, Okay Bears - a top Solana NFT project - continues its quest to build a notable brand. Its latest efforts are focused are on rewarding an active community with Okay Bears rewards, will it be enough to build momentum? 

🎤 Project Prose

The Bear that hibernates is the Bear that wins big 👌🐻💰Okay Bears

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