Manifold Keeping the Lights On

Manifold Keeping the Lights On

Manifold will introduce a new fee structure to claim and burn pages later this month, according to a thread posted by the platform

❗Why It Matters

Mints using Manifold's platform - which allows artists to create collections, limited editions, and open editions seamlessly at basically no cost, with no code - have exploded in recent weeks. A flat fee added to purchase or burn events will allow artists to continue creating seamlessly while ensuring Manifold's services are fairly compensated for its benefit to the space. 

The Deets

Here's how it will work:

Collectors that mint, burn, or redeem NFTs will pay a flat per-piece fee on each purchase. All of the revenue from the purchase will still go directly to the artist. The Manifold fee will remain constant and will not change based on the value transacted. 

Manifold anticipates that the fee will be approximately $1 per transaction. 

🎤 Platform Prose 

Think of it as a tiny Manifold gas fee that helps us keep the lights on to keep building.Manifold

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