MetaMask Integrating with HyperPlay for Use Across Web3 Games

MetaMask Integrating with HyperPlay for Use Across Web3 Games

Hyperplay, a Web3 game launcher and game store aggregator optimized for Metamask, is now available via early access, per a tweet from MetaMask today.

What It Means

Players can use their MetaMask wallet across games, and users won't have to minimize their game or switch tabs for transactions (as HyperPlay will show wallet confirmations in-game, with mobile users getting popups for transactions on their phones).

For developers, HyperPlay provides an API for native games to integrate with MetaMask, all of which is powered by the MetaMask software development kit (SDK) and the browser extension.

❗ Why It Matters

This is another big step for Web3 gaming, as the HyerPlay platform will allow users to carry their MetaMask - the wallet with their NFTs, tokens, and achievements - into all the games they play. All devices, systems, and game progress can be coordinated without effort from the end user.

The fact that HyperPlay is also aggregating the @EpicGames store, the @GOGcom store, and its own is also significant, as it will allow developers to release through any store they choose "without fear of de-platforming or extractive fees imposed by web2 monopolies". Notably, HyperPlay will not be taking a cut of the developer's in-game economy, whereas Apple, Sony, Xbox, and Steam all take 30% cuts of every purchase made.

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