Mintify Announces $1.6M Raise to Build Next-Gen NFT Terminals

Mintify Announces $1.6M Raise to Build Next-Gen NFT Terminals

Mintify has raised $1.6M to build "next-generation NFT terminals for pro traders" according to a press release received by Lucky Trader.

The round was led by Arca and also included Arca's Endeavor Fund, GSR, Psalion, Fasanara, and Alchemy Ventures. 

Arca Portfolio Manager Sasha Fleyshman voiced the rationale behind their backing, stating:

“Following the dynamic rise to relevance of non-fungible assets in the last 24 months, there has been a glaring need for infrastructure tooling...The ecosystem has grown at a rate such that the product lines have far outpaced the rails needed to efficiently facilitate the market. We view Mintify as the right team to position the cart back behind the horse, which will be instrumentally beneficial in support of the next expansionary period of this growing economy.”

Mintify is seeking to build better tools for the most active and savvy NFT traders, citing weaknesses in the current suite of available tools. The team is looking to combine trustworthy data, user experience, and the best ERC-20 trading mechanics to build a better workflow suited for pro traders.

CEO of Mintify Evan Varsamis reinforced this vision, sharing "With our network of global ecosystem partners and extensive product roadmap, our goal is to transform what it means to trade, analyze and build NFT economies now and in the future.”

Mintify's current product can be accessed at their website 

The tool suite is very much laid out like a terminal, with verticals highlighting projects minting now, recent sales, and projects dropping soon and trending. Upcoming projects can be upvoted in a Reddit-style mechanism, and they can be filtered by those with Whitelists, free mints, and dropping soon.

The site also boasts a ProDash tab with real-time floor metrics, listings, market actions, and other supporting metrics and graphics. 



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