Mirror Introduces "Subscribe to Mint"

Mirror Introduces "Subscribe to Mint"

Mirror announced the introduction of "Subscribe to Mint," a new way for creators to engage with their collectors.

❗ Why It Matters

Mirror describes itself as a publishing platform "built on web3 for web3", and the new Subscribe to Mint feature gives creators the ability to engage with their collectors in a more recurring manner. Mirror believes audiences are just collecting, but believes they should be collecting, subscribing, and engaging.

What It Means

Two potential use cases for Subscribe to Mint include:

  1. The genesis drop: New web3 projects have paired launch announcements with a collectible NFT that includes the project's logo or symbol. Projects can use Subscribe to Mint to engage with a project's audience through newsletter updates and subsequent drops.
  2. A collectable series: A collectable series allows for community engagement that is recurring in nature. Existing holders can complete collections to show their continued support, and new followers are incentivized to sign up as subscribers to participate in future drops.

The Deets

  • Subscribe to Mint is completely free for creators, and creators receive 100% of the proceeds of any NFTs sold.
  • Collectors who mint will be charged a small flat fee, which will go towards sustaining the development of Mirror's tools.
  • Subscribe to Mint NFTs are available to deploy today on Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon.

🎬 Take Action

Subscribe to Mint will be in community beta over the next two weeks and only accessible to Mirror Genesis NFT holders. So subscribe here (you will have to verify an email address) and collect the NFT to unlock early access to the tool, future product updates, and beta features.

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