MoonPay Acquires Creative Studio

MoonPay Acquires Creative Studio

MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payments company, has acquired web3 creative studio Nightshift, according to an exclusive provided to AdWeek

Why It Matters:

MoonPay's acquisition of Nightshift allows the payments infrastructure company to provide end-to-end support and onboarding to new companies looking to enter or expand in web3. 

What MoonPay Said:

There was a big opportunity for us to come together and now be able to offer the end-to-end lifecycle support for big brands. Now we can go to any brand that has an idea or wants to enter Web3, and we can help them execute a full end-to-end strategy.Ivan Soto-Wright

What It Means for Nightshift: As part of the acquisition, Nightshift has rebranded to Otherlife. The web3 creative agency has previously worked with notable NFT projects Degenz and Adam Bomb Squad. 

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