Music NFTs? KINGSHIP, Overlord Join Spotify Pilot

Music NFTs? KINGSHIP, Overlord Join Spotify Pilot
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KINGSHIP and Overlord have joined a Spotify pilot to explore token-gated playlists, according to tweets from the KINGSHIP and Overlord accounts. 

❗Why It Matters

Token-gated experiences are normal for web3 communities, but this might be one of the first examples of a "web2" company collaborating in the same way. Now Overlord and KINGSHIP NFT holders, and presumably any other NFT community in the future, can access exclusive audio content through Spotify - a leading audio platform worldwide. A formal offering from Spotify to easily enable token-gated audio would offer more communities to join in on IP and brand expansion via audio (like Jenkins the Valet or COCKPUNCH), without the need to build something itself. 

The Deets

The pilot is only available for Android users in DE, AU, UK, US, and NZ.

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Follow the steps below to access your exclusive playlists if your NFT project is part of the pilot. 

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