Creepz Genesis NFTs

Creepz Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Creepz Genesis is a collection of 11,111 lizards with a conspiracy theory theme that are part of the Creepz play-to-earn ecosystem. Creepz NFTs accumulate $LOOMI, the ecosystem's utility token, as they conquer Earth while avoiding the enemy lizards trying to overthrow their empire. The project was created by @jo3car, @dom3xyz and @psychrome

The Genesis Creepz contain over 800 traits and yield a minimum of 1,500 $LOOMI per day when staked in the Invasion. $LOOMI can be used to purchase future drops, characters and upgrades.

There are six breeds of lizards, each with their own skills in the Invasion that relate directly to their $LOOMI yield.

In February 2022, Creepz released its three-season roadmap, featuring cross breeding, metaverse expansion, and more.