New Marketplace, Escher, Goes Live!

New Marketplace, Escher, Goes Live!

Escher, a curated NFT art marketplace, is officially live, offering unique ways for collectors and artists to interact and showcase their work powered by the team at Tessera.

❗Why It Matters

The launch of Escher is a significant step forward in the evolving Art NFT ecosystem. Offering a curated, artist-centric platform, Escher elevates the experience of buying and selling editioned fine art, making it more accessible and engaging for both collectors and creators.

The Deets

  • Escher offers a streamlined experience for browsing and purchasing art
  • 100% artist royalties are enforced
  • Launch of Escher Exclusives, seasonal collections featuring hand-picked artists

The Details

Escher's platform aims to transform the way editioned art is presented and viewed, allowing artists to showcase their entire body of work in an easy-to-navigate experience. The platform ensures that 100% of artist royalties are enforced, reinforcing its commitment to supporting creators. No more need to find an artist's separate collections on Opensea, now all collections are streamlined into one easy-to-navigate view.

Escher has also launched Escher Exclusives, a series of seasonal collections featuring limited-edition artwork from hand-picked, talented digital artists. Season 0 debuts with three phenomenal artists, offering unique art pieces in limited supplies and at various price points: 

Take Action

Explore Escher's platform, browse the curated marketplace, and find your next favorite art piece.

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