NFT Morning Minute | $BONK Billionaires

NFT Morning Minute | $BONK Billionaires
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Take a minute to catch up on the latest in the web3 space. Here are today's NFT market analysis, top movers, and upcoming mints:

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NFT Total Volume

NFT Floor Price Increase

NFT Floor Price Decrease

Upcoming NFT Mints

Tyler Warner's NFT Market Summary

It was a strong day of NFT trading all around on Monday, but it was a new meme coin $BONK that stole headlines. Hailed as "the doge of Solana," $BONK was airdropped to Solana NFT traders a week ago and is already being incorporated into the ecosystem in several ways, with Magic Eden even tweeting about accepting it. All the hype led to a 100 percent spike in the coin price, now up over 8x over the past 7 days to $0.00000115.

ETH NFTs had a strong day as well, with trading volume ticking over 21,000 ETH traded on Monday with Blur capturing 50 percent share. Yuga took the top two spots on the volume board, as BAYC and MAYC held relatively steady at 77 ETH and 16.9 ETH respectively.

The most notable mover was likely the Memeland Potatoz, which are majorly in the spotlight this week ahead of the highly anticipated Memeland Captainz mint coming on Wednesday. The Potatoz hit a new ATH of 3.6 ETH ahead of a snapshot coming today for holders, which will play a part in a complicated Captainz mint. There will likely be some selling after the snapshot today, though those with multiple Potatoz will be holding through the official mint tomorrow at a minimum.

Other notable winners on the day included a new open edition from the Nouns ecosystem called "This is Nouns" which surged over 100 percent to 0.17 ETH on 700+ ETH volume. The Kubz have been on fire, up another 20 percent to 1 ETH and now up over 2x from their 0.469 ETH mint price last week. And Chromie Squiggles continue to grind up, now over a 17 ETH floor, while recent mover "Toys" fell 50 percent to 0.97 ETH.

In Web3 news, Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy game, is committing to blockchain game development in 2023. And Both Malibu Rum and Kia filed trademark applications for virtual goods and/or NFT-related products in the past week, as reported by Eliana (@eliana_esq).

NFT Total Volume

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (3,570 ETH, 77 ETH Floor Price)
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club (1,312 ETH, 16.9 ETH Floor Price)
  • Potatoz (955 ETH, 3.6 ETH Floor Price)
  • Clone X (914 ETH, 5.5 ETH Floor Price)
  • Moonbirds (798 ETH, 7.1 ETH Floor Price)

NFT Floor Price Increase

  • This is Nouns (200%, 0.17 ETH Floor Price)
  • Kubz (21%, 1 ETH Floor Price)
  • Potatoz (20%, 3.6 ETH Floor Price)
  • mfers (14%, 1.42 ETH)
  • LilPudgys (14%, 0.64 ETH)

NFT Floor Price Decrease

  • Toys by 0xTechno (-50%, 0.93 ETH Floor Price)
  • Savage Nation (-20%, 0.24 ETH Floor Price)
  • Anata (-17%, 0.95 ETH Floor Price)
  • JUUNI (-15%, 0.21 ETH Floor Price)
  • Valhalla (-10%, 0.74 ETH Floor Price)

Upcoming NFT Mints and Reveals

  • Kjetil Golid "Expanse" (time TBD)
  • KURENAI - reveal

Today is an anticipation day, as traders begin to load up and prepare for the Memeland Captainz mint tomorrow. Recent movers may continue to keep traction, especially on the low end, but expect more chopping in the mid-tier and high-end PFP sector until tomorrow's major liquidity event.

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