NFT Preview | Mike Tyson's Iron Pigeons

NFT Preview | Mike Tyson's Iron Pigeons
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"Mike Tyson has a passion for pigeons."

And apparently for launching NFT projects, as Iron Mike is set to launch his third NFT project today as "Iron Pigeons - Evolved" hits the Solana blockchain.

Mike Tyson's NFT Background

Tyson has previously been involved in two other NFT projects, the first being a collaboration with artist Cory Van Lew called "The Mike Tyson NFT Collection," which saw cult success during last year's bull market.

That project has done 5,300+ ETH lifetime and had a high sale of 85 ETH for a 1/1 ($321k), though the current floor is just 0.11 ETH.

In April of this year, Tyson launched another NFT project on Binance called "Mike Tyson Mystery Box NFTs." This set of 15,000 NFTs launched for $44 but has since fallen more than 90 percent and holds just a $3 floor.

The Iron Pigeons Team 

Iron Pigeons are looking to buck that trend today on Solana, and it seems to have a team in place to give this one a real shot. Animoca Brands is on as a partner, and the main company behind the project, Ex Populus, is backed by Animoca, Enjin, and several other web3 investors. 

Ex Populus was founded by "veteran game entrepreneur" Tobias Batton - creator of Clan Wars; Soby Saqib, a notable NFT personality; Mark Harris, an Oscar-nominated and Emmy-award-winning animation and director with Pixar experience; and Clement Wong, a social media entrepreneur. The artwork was all made by the Oscar-nominated animation studio Calabash.

The project also touts top NFT personalities and influencers DeezeFi and Farokh as advisors. 

Project Overview

As for the project itself, Iron Pigeons is a part of a card-collecting game called Final Form which focuses on the core theme of the evolution of player cards. To execute that theme, the game leverages a burn mechanism called "burn-to-evolve" to unlock higher-tier cards. There also appears to be a staking mechanism (common on Solana) where pigeons are staked to receive "Chromos."

The game touts full decentralization, with "100% of the game's logic" running on smart contracts, though this did come at the cost of dropping more complex game mechanics. The project also has an ambitious roadmap, featuring Archetypes, traveling, helpers, AI, and a battle system.

Market Analysis

The project is set up as a free mint and will have a supply of 11,280 NFTs. The mint will take place in three parts, with a Phase 1 whitelist sale at 1:20 p.m. ET, a Phase 2 whitelist sale at 3:20 p.m. ET and then a public sale for whatever remains at 7:20 p.m. ET.

Given the combination of Mike Tyson, some big personalities and companies on the team, and the free mint price tag, this project should see some serious demand today.

It is difficult to find comps for this project, but a recent free-to-own game that launched on Magic Eden called "Azra - The Hopeful" reached a 0.4 ETH floor and still holds at 0.3 ETH floor. The Iron Pigeons is on Solana, so there will be a different market of buyers, but this could easily reach a 10 SOL floor if the project catches momentum today. The key factor will be if any ETH-native traders jump over to Solana for this one, or if it trades with the traditional SOL cohort.

Regardless, this is likely the biggest mint of the day to watch across all blockchains.

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