NHL Breakaway Beta Application Now Open

NHL Breakaway Beta Application Now Open

The beta application for NHL Breakaway is now open, per a tweet today from @NHLBreakaway.

❗ Why It Matters

With the NHL playoffs underway, it makes sense for the NHL to test the waters with its own digital product offering while there's attention on the sport.

While Dapper Labs has a foothold in the digital collectibles market for leagues like the NBA, NFL, UFC, and even La Liga (the top-flight league for Spanish fútbol), it hasn't yet ventured onto the ice, leaving room for NHL Breakaway to pursue its own slice of the digital pie.

The Deets

  • The NHL Breakaway beta allows the team to incrementally roll out new features to a smaller audience of users and gain valuable feedback to help optimize the platform before it opens widely to the public.
  • Early phases of the beta will focus solely on primary purchases; later phases will introduce our secondary marketplace, set completion, quests, and additional fan engagement opportunities.
  • All digital collectibles sold during the beta are 100% official and authentic and are considered to be Series 1 of a long-running NHL Breakaway program.

🎬 Take Action

Those interested can apply for beta access here.

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